Andaru Collection Niseko

The ANDARU COLLECTION NISEKO brings you an experience of serenity and exclusivity. Located at the heart of the Niseko region in Hokkaido, Japan, the six beautifully designed villas sit on a property of 9,200 m2 and are reserved for private use. Designed by the renowned Koichi Ishiguro, the ANDARU COLLECTION NISEKO strives to bring you closer to the peace and tranquility you have been searching for, a perfect spot for a workcation.

Inside the spacious 118 m2 villas you will find a luxurious bathroom and bedroom. The Bedrooms come in two types, Type-A comes with two double-sized beds and one double sofa bed, while Type-B has an extra single bed in addition to the Type A beds. The Villas also include a kitchen with a refrigerator, a dining area, and a living space, complete with a Digital TV set. With a floor-to-ceiling window on the second floor, it provides guests a sense of being one with nature and of quiet solitude.

The Villas and Facilities

The villas and facility building offer an unhindered view of the surrounding area which consists of the courtyard, the forest, and the mountain view, visible from the clubhouse and restaurant. The magnificent mount Yotei serves as the backdrop to the whole property which was designed specifically to incorporate the mountain view as part of the experience.

Stemming from the mind and creativity of Koichi Ishiguro, an award-winning architect that has designed many properties within the Niseko Region, the Villas bring out the best of the uniqueness of the region. The external design of the villas would remind you of ancient times when people lived in thatched-roof huts and lived one with nature, a very much one-of-a-kind design in the area.

Summer Activities

Activities on the property consist of a one-of-a-kind Dutch Fire Pool experience that guests can enjoy outdoors while enjoying a bottle of wine, immersed in the beauty of the curated courtyard that reflects the beautiful Niseko nature. The Dutch Fire pool is open until 10 PM which makes stargazing an option.

For guests who enjoy a look at the starry heavens, the property also provides a telescope for use on the grounds for no extra charge. You only need to ask any of the friendly staff to accommodate you.

The vast courtyard of the property also offers a range of activities. A picnic on the grass is encouraged on sunny days. The staff will prepare a tent where guests can experience a glamping style moment, and the food ingredients will be prepared for you outside, while you enjoy a drink and savor the Fuji of Hokkaido that is Mount Yotei in all its grandeur.

A barbecue and all the necessary ingredients will be prepared by the staff, most of which are locally harvested from the Hokkaido and Niseko region, including the world-famous Hokkaido beef. Then guests can try their hands on the prepared BBQ grill themselves to test their cooking skills.

BF and Dinner

The one responsible for ANDARU’s culinary experience is Chef Kensuke Shima. He is a native of Hokkaido and after traveling the world decided to come back to Hokkaido after inventing his own Glamping Style cuisine.

During their stay, guests may indulge in the culinary extravagance that ANDARU COLLECTION NISEKO prepares freshly for every meal. Guests will be treated to a grand breakfast experience both in Japanese-style cuisines as well as western-leaning dishes.

Dinner is an assortment of cuisines from all over the world. The dishes differ from one day to the next, adding the element of surprise to an already succulent treat. One meal could be a medley of seafood from the sea surrounding Hokkaido, the next a no holds barred BBQ with a variety of meats and vegetables, or it could be an elegant traditional Japanese Donabe with herbs and spices harvested locally and refined by the Chef’s own hands.

Each meal is also accompanied by a selection of desserts, a simple warm baked apple that reveals delectable tastes with every bite, or freshly prepared Panna Cotta using the milk of the famously healthy and robust Hokkaido cows.

Activities outside the Property

ANDARU COLLECTION NISEKO is situated about a 10 minutes ride from the Hirafu city center and Niseko’s official roadside station. Whenever guests feel the urge to indulge in some touristy activities or even a sudden hankering for skiing, they can take a short car ride and be at the spot they want in about 10 minutes.

During winter the Niseko region is known around the world to be one of the finest powder snow locations. This makes Niseko a very popular destination for skiing and snowboarding and other winter activities. There are 4 ski areas in Niseko, the Annupuri, Niseko Village, the grand Hirafu, and the Hanazono. All four are connected and interlinked at the top of the mountain so visitors can try each ski area if they wish.

Other winter activities that are offered in Niseko are horse rides, Snowshoeing cross country, snowmobile, and snow rafting. While in the summer, visitors may enjoy hiking in one of the many hiking trails available, playing golf, and even rafting. Visitors who wish to engage in these activities could ask the front desk for assistance.

For further details and inquiries please refer to the information below:

You can reach ANDARU COLLECTION NISEKO by the following:

  • Access: Kabayama, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0078, Japan

From New-Chitose-Airport (CTS)

  • BUS

By shuttle bus
CTS→Hirahu Welcome Centre about 150mins
By complimentary shuttle buses
Hirafu Welcome Centre→ ANDARU COLLECTION NISEKO about 10mins

  • JR train

via Sapporo/Otaru 180mins
[Kutchan Station・Niseko Station]
By complimentary shuttle buses about 10~30mins