2024 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) to honour Japan’s premier resort market


BANGKOK, Thailand — The 2024 edition of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) is now accepting entries across a broad range of categories that aims to elevate the standards of development and design in Japan’s alpine real estate markets. The presentation ceremony of the 2024 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) will be held during an exclusive gala luncheon on Friday, 13 December at the Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok, where finalists from East Asia and Middle East will also participate. Submissions from eligible entrants from the Greater Niseko region are being accepted via asiapropertyawards.com until 13 September 2024.

Key dates for the 2024 edition:

  • 13 September 2024 – Entries close
  • 23 September to 14 October 2024 – Site Inspections
  • 15 October 2024 – Final Judging
  • 13 December 2024 – Greater Niseko Awards Luncheon in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 13 December 2024 – Regional Grand Final Awards Gala Dinner in Bangkok, Thailand

Influx of tourists, investors

Since reopening its borders, Japan has seen a significant influx of tourism and real estate investment, driven by its popular destinations like Niseko and the low currency value, making spending cost-effective. The dollar strength has also improved sentiment towards the country’s resort real estate market.
The latest edition of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) features a diverse range of categories reflecting the growing appeal of Japan’s alpine real estate to international property seekers.

This year’s awards programme is accepting entries across several new categories, including Best Investment Condo Development and Best Investment Housing Development. Other categories are poised to recognise Greater Niseko’s finest lifestyle developments, nature-integrated projects, and sales galleries.

Placing more emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) global standards, this year’s awards include all-new recognitions for developers within Greater Niseko that excel in sustainable design, sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and social impact.

Jules Kay, general manager of Awards and Events at PropertyGuru Group, said: “We invite nominations for this year’s awards in Japan as we recognise the dynamic and multifaceted growth of its resort industry. We’re pleased to see international investors capitalising on the immense potential of Japan’s resorts and launch developments that enhance convenience and lifestyle options for tourists, skiers, and snowboarders. Beyond the winter season, these resorts present untapped opportunities with their scenic beauty, year-round onsens, mountain biking trails, and premier golf courses. Join us this year in celebrating the properties transforming Japan’s resort market.”

Transparent, fair, credible

An independent panel of judges, comprising experts in the property sector and related fields, determines this year’s distinguished crop of winners. The judges conduct a transparent, fair, and credible selection process under the supervision of HLB, the global advisory and accounting network.

Eddie Guillemette, chairperson of the Awards in Greater Niseko and CEO of Midori no Ki (MnK), said: “The Asia Property Awards offer an opportunity for developers to distinguish their brands in an increasingly competitive property market. In the Japanese alpine market, developers can use the awards process to hone their message to attract guests, sports enthusiasts, and investors with unique designs, complimentary services, and all-season attractions. Winning a regional award like this validates a real estate project and ultimately helps build trust with consumers.”

Top winners will get the chance to compete with their peers from across the region for the coveted titles of “Best in Asia” at the 19th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final, which will be presented at the gala night on 13 December 2024 in Bangkok.

Hanacreek by Apex Property and Aki Niseko by Takuetsu Co., Ltd. represented Greater Niseko at the 18th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final in 2023 with prestigious wins for Best Housing / Landed Architectural Design (Asia) and Best Housing / Landed Interior Design (Asia), respectively.

The PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) are part of the regional PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards series, which marks its 19th year in 2024. The series covers key markets across the region, spanning Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, and Oceania, with exclusive gala events and ceremonies that represent the most anticipated property events of the year.

Organised by PropertyGuru Group (NYSE:PGRU), the 2024 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) are made possible by supporting association Niseko Tourism; official magazine Property Report by PropertyGuru; media partners Japan Today, Marketing in Asia, Powderlife, and Real Estate Japan; and official supervisor HLB.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit the official website: asiapropertyawards.com.