Sales Manager



The Luxe Nomad, Asia-Pacific’s leading luxury Villa Booking portal and Management company has announced a strategic partnership with Nisade, Hokkaido’s largest and longest-established Property Management Business, to set new standards in the delivery of guest experience and service. 

Headquartered in Singapore with managed properties in Bali and Thailand, The Luxe Nomad has established itself as a leading travel agent in Niseko since 2015. Rated excellent on Trustpilot and with over 133,000 followers on Instagram, The Luxe Nomad is known for its agile approach to marketing, having worked with regional and global celebrities and influencers.


Our mission is to champion, inspire and enable our guests to travel well. We take pride in our attention to detail, our focus on great service, and building personal connections with our guests. By taking the guesswork out of your holiday, we invite you to “Dream a little. Travel a lot.”



NISADE has a well-established and operating owner and property management division with a wide range of properties within its portfolio. Emerging from the pandemic and with a renewed sense of purpose with The Luxe Nomad’s partnership we are looking to drive Property Management and Owner Experience forward and truly challenge the status quo within the hospitality industry. We are seeking a talented and driven senior manager to join us on this journey and lead a service-focused team covering the reservations, guest services, revenue and marketing departments  

The Sales Manager will be overseeing the respective departments on a day-to-day basis, ensuring effective task management and compliance whilst undertaking wider tasks such as audits of department processes, project planning efficiency initiatives and implementing a proactive strategy within the company. 


In this role, you will be a key member of the senior management team with the scope and responsibility to effect change in line with the mission to champion, inspire and enable our owners and guests to travel well. 


  1. Oversee day-to-day operations of the teams within the sales division. 
  2. Set up a sales management process encapsulating strategies for direct, agent, OTA accommodation and Guest Services. 
  3. Set up department procedures, meetings and task management processes. 
  4. Be a true team leader, leading by example and inspiring the sales and other teams to go above and beyond expectations. 
  5. Communicate with the senior management team on key strategy and decision-making. 
  6. Smooth and seamless onboarding of new properties, playing a key role in aligning goals and objectives to ensure a smooth transition into rental sales. 
  7. Oversight of all sales and marketing materials. 
  8. Oversee department-level budgets, target setting, financial planning and associated reporting. 
  9. Be able to speak/oversee communication appropriately on a variety of topics with the sales team.
  10. Manage the reservations, revenue, guest service and marketing teams, showcasing leadership skills over a diverse range of staff.
  11. Manage escalated issues, negotiating resolutions with the best interests of the business in mind.
  12. Represent The Luxe Nomad/Nisade in a public environment demonstrating leadership abilities outside of the office. 


  1. Have a high level of resourcefulness, multi-tasking, attention to detail, organisation and problem-solving skills.
  2. Create a proactive approach to sales to help get ahead of tasks and drive efficiency. 
  3. Have great EQ; and are able to remain cool, calm and professional in some demanding and unique circumstances.
  4. Be fast to react.
  5. Quick learner with a passion for service and travel.



Sales savvy | Leadership| Sales Focused| Honest | Likeable | Attention to detail | Great with numbers | Great writing skills | Analytical | Multitasking | Personable | Resourceful | Adaptable | Quick-thinking | Problem-solving 



  • 6 – 7 million JPY per annum.
  • Mobile phone allowance.
  • Lift pass (recreational) allowance.
  • 20 days annual leave.

Contact:[email protected]