Type of occupation

Manager of JoJo’s Cafe Restaurant


At least one year working in a restaurant and a regular driver’s license

Working hours

9:00-18:00 or 12:00-21:00, approximately 8 hours a day, 2 days off per week


250,000-350,000 per month
*Varies depending on experience


  • Meal subsidy (only on working days)
  • Dormitory facilities (25,000 in summer, 35,000 in winter)
  • Uniform loaned
  • Salary increase
  • Free NAC activities (rafting, adventure park, climbing, etc.)



Ross Findlay ([email protected])

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
*Please send us your resume by e-mail to facilitate the hiring process.
*There is a limit to the number of people we can hire, so please apply as soon as possible, as we will close the position once it is filled!