‘Ramen x Dining x Bar’!!! We are looking for experienced cooks and bartenders for our newly opened restaurant!

This summer, AFURI, a ramen restaurant that has expanded from Tokyo to countries all over the world, is opening a new location in Hirafu, Niseko, in a new style!

As well as ramen, the restaurant offers tsukemen (noodles with dipping sauce), a variety of side dishes and cocktails. You can make the most of your speciality and work in your field!

The main duties of the position are as follows.

The main duties will vary depending on the position you are in charge of.

*This is a rough model shift. Subject to change.

Preparer (9:00-18:00 (1 day off) (with a 9:00-23:00 break during peak season only))

Soup making

Noodle making

Preparing dumplings.

Other incidental work such as cleaning.

Cooking and finishing (10:00-19:00 (1 day off), 14:30-23:00 (1 day off))

Cooking and finishing (soup area, noodle area, deep-frying and baking area, de-shapping).

Preparing toppings.

Other incidental work such as opening and closing.

BAR staff (over 20 years old) (10:30-20:00 (2 days off), 14:30-23:00 (1 day off))

Serves cocktails, whisky, liquor and wine.

Opening and closing of the bar and other ancillary duties.

Hall staff (10:30-19:30 (2 days off), 14:30-23:00 (1 day off))

Taking orders, paying bills, showing people to their seats

Serving and bussing food.

Other incidental work such as opening, closing and cleaning.


Salary from 1,300 yen + Free Lift Pass & Free Accommodation. (which values about 1,750 yen in terms of hourly wages, including all the benefits.)


  • Free lift pass provided (Only for those who meet certain conditions, such as shift contribution. The lift pass you bought on your own substantially and gradually gets a refund by the amount of months you worked. The receipt with your name needs to be turned in beforehand.)
  • Free dormitory accommodation (with shuttle bus in winter) for those who meet certain conditions, such as shift contribution.
  • Free employee meal for those +α

In winter, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding before and after your shift.

The hotel’s employees and guests live in English on a daily basis, so you can feel like you’re studying abroad.

The hotel is a new restaurant that is about to be launched, so you can try your hand at various positions.

You don’t have to be an applicant to apply. Why don’t you have a casual chat with a shop representative first?

Shop representative: Uchida

Contact number: 070-1185-9529

Email address: [email protected]