Exciting Adventure Camp in Iwanai


Education today has become so competitive that students only have time to focus on bookwork and test scores. Students miss out on other critical forms of education, which provide more foundational balance as they become adults. Our mission is to educate students on life skills and principles that build a better character. Our classroom is found in the wild and the curriculum is taught through experience.

Join us in Iwanai for structured outdoor activity and cross-cultural exchange. Our summer program strives to promote skill-building, self-discovery and leadership skills through activities administered in English. This is an amazing opportunity to enable children to become empowered individuals while exploring the Hokkaido wilderness.


In addition to our English-based curriculum and environmental studies, our students will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities. Adventures include, but are not limited to, sea-kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, trekking, canyoning and survival training.

All of our core activities will be team-oriented, providing every student with the opportunity to be a leader. A custom activity itinerary is crafted for each course based upon the number of participants, camper’s ability and weather forecast.


Our scenic location provides us with excellent access to mountain and ocean landscapes. We set up camp just beside our ski facilities, using the lodge restrooms—kitchen and indoor space when the weather is not participating. Your child can enjoy all of the beauty of the Hokkaido wilderness with the convenience and security of our lodge and staff.


There’s nothing more comforting than a home-style meal shared with great friends. We strive to create joyful moments and make lasting memories within each meal. This approach to food preparation means each meal is packed with maximum flavor and nutrition. No camper will go hungry, as we are happy to cater our menu to meet your child’s dietary needs.


Hot spring baths, or “onsen,” are a unique element of the Japanese way of life. As a volcanically active area, Iwanai offers a variety of local baths. After a long, sweaty day of adventure, it’s time to clean up in one of four nearby hot springs. Campers can choose to visit one of the nearby hot springs each day or wash up in our facilities’ private shower room.

Course Age Date Deadline
Junior 8-12 July 25th – 29th July 18th
Senior 13-17 August 1st – 5th July 25th
Junior 8-12 August 8th – 12th August 1st