Kutchan Kosei Hospital Announcement

Useful Tips from The Kutchan Kosei General Hospital

1.Please come to the hospital during regular consultation hours

  • If you wish to seek medical attention, please come to our hospital during regular consultation hours. You can not make an appointment for your initial consultation. If it is a first visit, please come to the hospital directly, fill out the registration form and take it to the reception. Everyone is required to wear a facemask inside the hospital. We appreciate your understanding.
  • A long waiting time can occur because patients with appointments are given priority. Therefore, please leave time to spare and come to the hospital early. Please let a nurse know beforehand if you must leave the hospital before a particular time. Please note that payment of medical expenses will be charged even if you cancel the consultation after medical tests or examination.
  • We accept only emergency patients on weekends, holidays, and after regular consultation hours. If you wish to see a doctor outside regular consultation hours, please call the hospital beforehand and check whether it is acceptable. In addition, you may be consulted by a doctor other than a specialist for your symptoms, and you may be asked to visit again within regular consultation hours at a later date. The order of consultation will be decided according to severity so that you may wait for a long time. Also, please understand that limited drugs can be provided at ER.

2.Please bring an identification card  

Please bring your physical identification card, such as a passport, driver’s license, residence card and produce it at the reception. We need to obtain your personal information, such as your name and birthday accurately. Patients with a Japanese national health insurance card must present it at the reception. If you do not have the card with you on the consultation day, pay the full amount by yourself and get a refund later.

3. About payment

You can pay the medical expenses by cash or credit card. (Debit cards are not accepted.) There is no international ATM inside our hospital. Therefore, please prepare some money before coming to the hospital, or bring a valid credit card. Cashless consultation using travel insurance is not available. If you have travel insurance, please pay the full medical expenses by yourself at the hospital and make a claim for the fee to your insurance company later. We can issue medical certificates for you but in Japanese only. If you need one, please tell your doctor that you need a medical certificate. (2,200 yen per certificate) Medical expenses may be expensive if you do not have Japanese national health insurance or travel insurance.

  • Extra fees will be charged at the following time.6 am – 8:30 am and 5 pm – 10 pm on weekdays (nighttime charge)10 pm – 6 am on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (late night charge)6 am – 10 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays (holiday charge)

4.Note for Consultation

  • Medicine can not be prescribed without a medical consultation with our doctor, even if you have a prescription from another doctor or are taking the medicine regularly. In addition, according to Japanese law, we cannot give you any medications, such as painkillers, before you see a doctor.
  • Examinations such as MRI can not be performed without prior consultation with a doctor and his/her judgment. Therefore, you may need to wait for several hours or come back at a later date.
  • We don’t arrange ambulances at the hospital. Please call 119 by yourself if it is needed. Since the number of ambulances in the area is limited, please REFRAIN FROM CALLING AN AMBULANCE if the condition is not severe or you can come by yourself with someone’s assistant. Please use a car or a Taxi if possible. Even if you come to the hospital by ambulance, you can not go back to your home or accommodation by ambulance. Please arrange a car or a tax by yourself for the return. (Taxies are not available between 2am to 6am)
  • Psychiatric consultation is by appointment only. Please contact us by telephone in advance.
  • We can not respond to telephone or email correspondence from overseas insurance companies. If they need any information from us, they have to contact a Japanese agent, and the Japanese agent to contact us for the information.
  • English Interpreters are available between 8:30am – 6:30pm during winter. From 6:30pm until 8:30am, we have a videophone interpreter available. If you need an interpreter other than an English interpreter, we recommend you arrange an interpreter by yourself.
  •   Please follow the instructions of our staff while you are in the hospital. Please note that you may be asked to leave if you do not follow our instructions.

Kutchan-Kosei General Hospital

Higashi1-2,Kita4Jo,Kutchan-cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkai-do 044-0004 ,JAPAN

TEL: +81-136-22-1141

Web: http://www.dou-kouseiren.com/byouin/kutchan/english/index.html

2022-23 Niseko Shootout ProAM Winners

Japanese Kei Truck Rail Grind Wins 2023 Niseko Shootout ProAM

Deep powder isn’t the only thing Niseko is known for!

A quirky custom-built Japanese “kei truck” has captured the attention of the voting public to win this year’s ¥80,000 Niseko Shootout ProAM Public Vote.

Kei truck’s are mini pick up trucks that are cheap to register and run, and are seen everywhere in rural Japan – Niseko included.

This particular kei truck is called Sabi-chan and was customised by the rider in the photo, Kiwi Henry Johnson.

The photographer was Tomek Ustupski from Poland.

Niseko Shootout Founder Winse Heyward said it obviously resonated with the voting audience.

“So many locals own a kei truck or van because they’re cheap and have character, and this one is like the poster child for Niseko,” said Winse.

“The patchwork of coloured timber panels popped with the lighting, and the ridge on the roof created a classic Niseko urban feature for Henry to transition on.

“Very cool, very Niseko and a very worthy winner of this year’s Niseko Shootout ProAM!”

Judges Vote Winner

Niseko is also famous for its powder pillows – or mushrooms as they’re called locally.

Pro-pro team made up of local photographer Aaron Jamieson and visiting pro skier Dennis Ranalter took out the Judges Vote with a spectacular bluebird pillow-line shot.

It snowed almost every day between December 1 through the contest period ending January 9, meaning there were plenty of mushrooms ripe for harvest for the ProAM.

This particular line is a favourite spot for travelling ski and snowboard media, however, getting a good photo is much trickier than getting a good video.

The judges all know this fact well and recognised the difficulty in capturing such a pristine bluebird powder shot, awarding Aaron and Dennis the win.

This year’s judges were Taro Tamai, Tsutomu Nakata, Yoichi Watanabe, Neil Hartmann, Torah Bright, Eric Pollard, Matt Hampton and Winse Heyward.

Niseko Shootout ProAM Format

The Niseko Shootout ProAM is one of three categories under the annual Niseko Shootout photo and film competition banner.

Professional and amateur athlete-photographer teams take to the mountains in and around Niseko in early January each year.

Each team takes as many photos as they like during the competition window, but submits only one for judging following the final day.

This year a record 62 teams entered with 34 shots submitted for judging.

Pro athletes that took part this year include Dennis Ranalter, Hedvig Wessel and Wakana Hama.

This year’s competition saw high school students entering the competition for the first time, with Juma Findlay, Shinnosuke Tanaka and Ollie Nichols all taking part.

Still underway this winter is the headline Niseko Shootout hashtag photo competition, with any photo hash-tagged #nisekoshootout this winter in the running to take out one of a host of prizes.

The Shootout culminates with the Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival to be held on March 11th this year.

For more details about the Niseko Shootout, check out HERE and follow @NisekoShootout and @NisekoTourism to stay up to date.

Don Julio Tequila & Rhythm Provide the Party

More than 150 fans flocked to ski rental hub Rhythm Base on Friday night (January 20) for the awards party.

With tequila brand Don Julio 1942 sponsoring the party, it was a fittingly boisterous celebration for a classic Niseko Shootout ProAM.

Check out the photos captured during the Award Ceremony and the Award Video below!

Introducing Amaud - Slow Fashion Made From Vintage Kimonos

Amaud - Reimagined Vintage Kimonos

Amaud is a modern, ethical fashion brand that seeks to promote dignity and sustainability throughout the supply chain across the globe. We believe that fashion has an unprecedented opportunity and obligation to create positive change, and we are at the heart of a movement to doing so.

Amaud is a positive impact luxury brand based on the founding principle of commitment to craftsmanship, design and positive social and environmental change.

We create luxury ready-to-wear pieces from vintage Kimonos, sourced from antique markets throughout Japan. They are carefully unpicked, cleaned and fully repurposed into original creations.

“Amaud was born out of the desire to promote change in how we consume fashion.”

Amaud is the brainchild of Tokyo based designer Sarah-Jane Fergusson. She made her brand debut in 2018 in Hong Kong as a Redress Design finalist, taking home the Special Prize. With a degree in Bespoke Tailoring from London College of Fashion, she gained experience working for fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Missoni. Her work focuses on sustainability and combines exceptional quality and craftsmanship. A creative problem solver with experience across multiple mediums, she has a passion for finding creative and practical solutions to the wasteful trends of fast fashion.
“I hope that everyone who owns an Amaud piece feels connected to the heritage they are wearing and that they pass it down in a meaningful way that honours the beauty and tradition of the kimono.”


2022-23 Niseko Shootout ProAM Starts

Tequila Shots to Toast Best Shots of Niseko Shootout ProAM

With new event sponsor Don Julio Tequila, and a record 62 teams taking part, it’s fair the say the Niseko Shootout ProAM 2023 is bigger and better than ever!

The Niseko Shootout ProAM is one of three categories under the Niseko Shootout photo and film competition banner.

The 62 professional and amateur athlete-photographer teams will take to the mountains in and around Niseko between January 6 – 9.

Each will take as many photos as they like during the competition window, but submit only one for judging following the final day.

The winners will share in ¥200,000 (US$1,500) – not to mention a few tequila shots at the awards ceremony at Rhythm Japan Base on January 20.

Contest organiser Winstead Heyward said it was great to see a 50% increase in entries this year as tourists and seasonal workers flocked back into Niseko.

“The ProAM is back with a vengeance,” Winse laughed.

“We’re overjoyed with the amazing enthusiasm for the comp from the local and visiting teams – Niseko is back, baby!”

“This year, with Don Julio 1942 as our prize sponsor, we can’t wait to have all the teams sharing their experience and announce the winners at Rhythm Japan Base on Friday, January 20th, 2023.

“With a delicious tequilia brand as a sponsor, you know the party will be fun”.


Terminal Tune Station Tanner Dobbins USA Ryu Atobe Japan
Legs of Steel Aaron Jamieson Japan Dennis Ranalter Austria
Yuji Fujiyama Japan Kenneth Lei USA
22Designs Diana Rivera Spain Hiroto Miyazaki Japan
ATBShop Harry Calvert UK Natalie Ellis UK
Alexander Rouleau Canada Alexis Gervais-Chapleau Canada
Sahil India Kamil India
Agustin Villalba Argentina Jack Mack Australia
Yuya Okuno Japan Yuto Sugawara Japan
Eric Sales USA Kyle Delong USA
Steven Harris Australia Matthew Horne Australia
MnK Niseko Lucas Varty Canada Tom Bruce Germany
Greg Dart USA Riley Canada
Jesse Zorn USA Kai Ose Japan
Geraldine Australia Craig Australia
LADE Aaron Jamieson Japan Tatsumi Kono Japan
Good Snowboards, Norrona Japan, Flux Japan, Kashiwax, Co-op Dental Clinic, Niseko Grand Hirafu Stu Buckland UK Wakana Hama Japan
Pals Japan Tomek Ustupski Poland Henry Johnson NZ
Niseko Photography Tomek Ustupski Poland Miguel Porteous NZ
Niseko Photography Tomek Ustupski Poland Yuhei Yamada Japan
Niseko Photography Elsie Nielsen Australia Timothy Black Herbert NZ
Till Martens Germany Yuki Kawasaki Japan
Hokkaido Backcountry Club Harry Calvert UK Connor Hutchingson Canada
Nina Yu Australia Takanori Hioki Australia
Ha Van Hoanh Vietnam Vu Xuan Huong Vietnam
Arthur France Noe France
Juma Findlay Japan Shinnosuke Tanaka Japan
Niseko Photography Jack O’Grady Australia Max Power NZ
Dave Surf Spain Gorka Spain
Adrian Lamarca Spain Toni Rodriguez Spain
Tonishoots Jaume Pons Spain Toni Rodriguez Spain
Peter Morley Australia Jasper Australia
Yamaplus Jimi Oertli France Evan Wilcox USA
Yamaplus Toshi Pander Japan Jimi Oertli France
Bianca Peralta Argentina Simon Pervez Canada
Head, Niseko Photoraphy and Guiding, Iwanai Resort Hedvig Wessel Norway Darren Teasdale Japan
Head, Niseko Photoraphy and Guiding, Iwanai Resort Jordy Kidner Canada Darren Teasdale Japan
Jack Yan Malaysia Eduardo Porto Brazil
Head, Niseko Photography and Guiding, Iwanai Resort Emil Granbom Sweden Darren Teasdale Japan
Head, Niseko Photography and Guiding, Iwanai Resort Cole Richardson Canada Darren Teasdale Japan
Irene Cheng Taiwan Hanpo Zhang Taiwan
Roberto Hutchinson Philippines Michael Cavill NZ
Dallin Haws USA Garrett Haws USA
Hiroki Japan Ryoko Japan
Abby Crisostomo USA Hana USA
Asif An Mahmood Bangladesh Faraaz Sayeed India
Kamal India Guman India
Larissa Davies Australia Andrew McKendry Australia
Calvin Chow Australia Fiona Lim Malaysia
Sienna-Lily Priess Australia Werner Priess Australia
Edward Anderson UK Josh Clark Australia
Edward Anderson UK Ivan Diez Argentina
Courtney Wells Wales Zak McAlley-Burnside Wales
Alister Buckingham Australia James Winfield UK
Hokkaido Collective James Winfield UK Teddy Laycock Australia
Stefan Boers Netherlands Agustin Villalba Argentina
Nasuninjin Arts / Alister Buckingham Photography Alister Buckingham Australia Yoriko Okumura Japan
Alex Jeynes Scotland Oscar Hill Australia
Jack Woods Japan James Robbins Japan
Gregory Homann Australia Juliette Frattini Australia
Oyuki, Smith, Holiday Niseko Andre Pomp Czech Republic Olly Nicholls Japan
K2 Snowboarding Daisuke Watanabe Japan Piotr Drzastwa Poland


ProAM Judges’ Choice Winners: ¥120,000

Our 2022-23 judge panel includes: Taro Tamai, Tsutomu Nakata, Yoichi Watanabe, Neil Hartmann, Torah Bright, Eric Pollard and Matt Hampton and Winse Hayward. You can read all about the Judges on Niseko Shootout Instagram or Niseko Tourism Facebook

ProAM Public Vote Winners: ¥80,000

For the Public Vote we need you – the public! Public judging will take place over four days from January 14th to 17th, 2023.

You can register your votes by go to the 2022-23 Niseko Shootout ProAM Voting Page, Live from January 14th, 2023 by 10:00. Voting ends at 23:59 on January 17th, 2023  – make sure you VOTE and help decide the winner!

Winners will be announced at an Award Ceremony on January 20, 2023 at Rhythm Base.

More questions? Make sure to check out the detailed Q&A HERE or email [email protected]

Hanazono Zip World Coming This Summer

Niseko Hanazono Resort Introduces “Hanazono Zip World” – Japan’s First Multi-stage Dual-cable Zipline Experience

The excitement at Hanazono continues to build…

In the summer of 2022, Hanazono will introduce “Hanazono Zip World”, Japan’s first multi-stage dual-cable zipline experience. Three dual-cable ziplines will be installed at Hanazono forming a comprehensive multi-stage “Zip Tour” activity of up to two hours duration. The total zip tour distance will be 2,591 meters in length, the longest in Japan.

The longest zipline, “BLACK DIAMOND SUPERFLY”, at 1,700 meters will be the longest zipline in Asia.

The Hanazono zipline system has been designed, engineered and installed by Skyline Ziplines Japan GK, the local subsidiary of Skyline Ziplines Ltd (Whistler, Canada), and will take riders through the experience of a lifetime flying through Niseko’s trees and volcanic mountains, with unforgettable views of Mt. Yotei from on high. READ MORE HERE.

2022 Operation Period: July 1st – October 10th, 2022

Approximately 2 hour guided tour


  • Full package (3 ziplines) Adult ¥15,000 / Child ¥12,000
  • Trial package (2 ziplines) Adult ¥7,000 / Child ¥5,600

Art installation by Bruce Munro to Launch in Hanazono

Art Installation "Mountain Lights" by Internationally Renowned Artist Bruce Munro to Launch July 2022 in Niseko, Hokkaido.

The 2022 summer will see the opening of an extraordinary light art installation within the vast nature of Niseko Hanazono Resort located in Hokkaido, Japan. Mountain Lights is proudly presented by Nihon Harmony Resorts KK in collaboration with Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono. The art installation will be open during the summer and autumn months of 2022, 2023 and 2024.

While the Hanazono area is renowned for world class skiing and the quality of its powder snow, the lesser-known summer and autumn months present their own unique natural beauty and immersive opportunities. With a variety of cutting-edge experiences in development, Hanazono is set to attract more and more attention as one of the world’s most compelling all-season destinations.

“Mountain Lights” is the creation of the internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro. The nights in Niseko will be illuminated with his light-based artwork in complete harmony with Hanazono’s natural surroundings, producing a dreamlike walkway through wonderland. This is Bruce Munro’s first art installation in Japan, and there is great anticipation his creation will bring newfound attention and allure to Niseko’s stunning green season months.

Check out the full press release HERE

2022 Niseko Golf Opening Dates

Opening Dates and Info from All the Golf Courses in the Niseko Area

Niseko offers some of the best golfing experiences available in Hokkaido and Japan. There are three main golf courses in the immediate Niseko area, which are all set to open for the 2022 golf season.

Niseko’s golf courses will be opening for the 2022 golf season per the following dates:

  • The Niseko Golf Course (NGC) has the following opening period: 23 April – 6 November, 2022.

Operating Dates:

April, May and 11 October  – 6 November: Every Day

June and 1 – 10 October: Open Weekends, Public Holidays

July – September: Friday – Monday

Click HERE for rate details

  • The Niseko Village Golf Course (NVGC) is scheduled to open on 1 June 2022 and will operate until 10 October 2022.

Click HERE for rate details

  • The Hanazono Golf Course is scheduled to open on 1 May 2022 and will operate until 6 November 2022.

Rhythm Japan Joins Force with evo

Rhythm Japan Joins Forces with Leading North American Outdoor Retail Group.

In a deal that will see two like-minded brands collectively become a leading global group operating in the snow, outdoor and experiences market, Rhythm Japan* has officially joined evo.

The North American based business [evo] will become the parent company, owning 100% of the Japanese business, with the existing Rhythm Japan shareholders becoming part-owners of evo, acquiring a sum of shares as part of the deal.

Providing a gateway to the APAC market, evo is excited to welcome Rhythm Japan to the family and brings with it, deep roots and a breadth of experience in the mountain-based equipment rental space, which will be a major asset as evo looks to continue to elevate and expand its own rental offerings in North America.

Founder & CEO, Matthew Hampton, together with co-Founder Mick Klima, launched Rhythm Japan in 2005 with a goal to increase accessibility to gear required to ride the area’s unique snow conditions. The group now has 7 store locations in Niseko, Hakuba, and Furano in Japan and has grown its offering significantly while staying true to its roots through community involvement.

Rhythm Japan will continue to operate under the same name and management teams to ensure a seamless transition for consumers, and Hampton will continue to lead Rhythm Japan, joining the evo enterprise leadership team as Managing Director, APAC Region.

“When we started Rhythm Japan in 2005, a core value was, and still is, to be limitless. This partnership with evo is testament to that,” said Hampton. “I see many similarities between the businesses including a focus on community and a commitment to making lives better through epic experiences. Each business has strengths that will complement each other and make our shared future better.

*Rhythm Japan’s sister store, Rhythm Snowsports in Cooma, NSW is not part of the acquisition and will remain under its current operations.

Echoing Hampton’s sentiment, Bryce Phillips, Founder and CEO of evo comments:
“The first time I set foot in a Rhythm location, I felt something different, something special. Years later, I met Matt and some of the Rhythm team and we quickly became close friends. I had a strong inclination that we’d end up working together given our shared foundation when it comes to core values, culture and commitment to making communities stronger. evo and Rhythm are kindred spirits, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to join forces with the Rhythm family.”

In addition to expanding services and markets, the partnership creates a halo effect for the high-quality brands carried at both Rhythm and evo, offering vendors a truly global, omnichannel retail partner, committed to elevating products and brands.

To learn more about both brands and to stay up to date with future news, check out www.rhythmjapan.com and www.evo.com.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Matthew Hampton and/or Bryce Phillips, please
Christie Hampton
Rhythm Japan Media
[email protected]

About Rhythm Japan
Established in Niseko in 2005 by two Australian businessmen and snow experts*, Rhythm Japan is the region’s leading Snowsports retailer. With seven stores spanning across Niseko, Hakuba and Furano, including the largest resort-based snowsports store in Japan, Rhythm Base HQ.

Rhythm provides unparalleled access to leading winter sports brands plus the full suite of services including custom boot fitting, equipment tuning, premium rental, lessons and guiding plus online shopping and the best coffee in the mountains at their in-store cafes.

Rhythm’s core mission is to provide visitors and the local community with everything they need to live their ultimate mountain experience. Rhythm’s team of dedicated mountain specialists live and breathe the snow-life, and seek to instill the same passion in all of their customers.

Check out Rhythm Japan at www.rhythmjapan.com and sign up for the newsletter. Follow Rhythm Japan on Facebook, and Follow Rhythm Japan on Instagram.

About evo
evo is an outdoor company whose purpose is to make life better by building community and igniting the
adventurous spirit that lives within us all. evo is focused on providing unique experiences across its network of stores, evo.com, two All Together Skateparks, lodging and travel businesses, which are centered on sport, culture, the outdoors, and human connection.

evo uses its success in these areas to support non-profit organizations dedicated to getting underserved kids outdoors.

There are 9 stores in the U.S. and Canada. In January 2022 Rhythm Japan, the leading retail, rental, and experience company located in Japan’s mountain resorts became part of evo.

In partnership with a group of complementary businesses, evo just opened a 100,000 square foot campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. Campus Salt Lake includes an evo store, All Together Skatepark, Salt Lake Bouldering Project, Level 9 Sports, and evo’s first evo Hotel.

evo now offers lodging at The Journeyman Lodge in Whistler, and evo Hotel in Salt Lake as well evo also runs an indoor skatepark, called All Together Skatepark, in Salt Lake and Seattle.

To learn more about evo, please visit evo.com.

2021-22 Niseko Shootout ProAM Winners

Public and Celebrity Judges Decide 2021-22 Niseko Shootout ProAM Winners!

More than 1500 Niseko Shootout fans helped decide the ¥80,000 (USD700) Public Vote winner of this year’s Niseko Shootout ProAM.

Their choice? Japanese Snowboarder Daigo Yoshino launching out of a disused lift station at Iwanai Resort (now operating as a cat ski resort) near Niseko, shot by British photographer Duncan Wright.

Niseko Shootout Founder Winse Heyward said the photo captured the charm of Southwest Hokkaido’s rustic ski scene alongside the powder-producing Sea of Japan.

“There are plenty of older resorts across Hokkaido so rusting, disused lift stations are actually quite emblematic of the broader ski scene in northern Japan,” Winse said.

“Duncan’s image of a ‘modern-day’ snowboarder popping off a rusting ski station into the setting sun above the Sea of Japan obviously resonated with voters who love the area.”

Meanwhile, votes by the international all-star cast of official judges resulted in a tie for the first time in Niseko Shootout history.

All-Japanese combo Katsuya Yamamoto of Makkari and Rusutsu snowboarder Masaki Kubota caught the judges’ eyes with their monochromatic image of Kubota-san launching out of a plume of powder in front of a setting sun.

At the meantime, long-time Niseko resident/photographer Aaron Jamieson and Yunosato snowboarder Tatsumi Kono captured the judges’ attention with a moment they captured during a gnarly, coastline blizzard.

The teams split the ¥120,000 (USD1,000) prize money awarded for the coveted Judges’ Vote.

Huge thanks to the judges who took part remotely from Hokkaido and around the world – Eric Pollard, Mattias Fredriksson, Neil Hartman, Taro Tamai, Torah Bright, Tsutomu Nakata and Yoichi Watanabe.

The Niseko Shootout ProAM is one of three categories under the 2021-22 Niseko Shootout photo and film competition banner.

A total of 40 professional and amateur athlete-photographer teams took to the mountains in and around Niseko between 7-10 January, 2022.

Each took as many photos as they liked during the competition window, but submitted only one for judging following the final day.

Still underway this winter is the headline Niseko Shootout hashtag photo competition, with any photo hash-tagged #nisekoshootout this winter in the running to take out one of a host of prizes.

The Shootout culminates with the Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival to be held on March 5th this year.

For more details about the Niseko Shootout, check out HERE and follow @NisekoShootout and @NisekoTourism to stay up to date.

Check out the Award Video below!

2021-22 Niseko Shootout ProAM Starts

World Famous Skiers/Riders/Shooters to Judge 2021-22 Niseko Shootout ProAM Photo Contest, Starting January 7th, 2022!

Olympic gold medallist Torah Bright and American freeskier Eric Pollard are among the world-famous judges alongside local legends including Gentemstick snowboards Taro Tamai.

The Niseko Shootout ProAM is one of three categories under the 2021-22 Niseko Shootout photo and film competition banner.

A total of 39 professional and amateur athlete-photographer teams will take to the mountains in and around Niseko between January 7th-10th, 2022.

Each will take as many photos as they like during the competition window, but submit only one for judging following the final day.

¥200,000 (US$2,000) up for grabs.

Contest organiser Winstead Heyward said participants could expect fresh snow to work with for the first two days, and possibly sunshine following that.

“Once again the Shootout ProAM is throwing competitors a mixed bag of classic Niseko conditions to work with,” Heyward said.

“This is a really interesting competition because it challenges the photographers and riders to come up with a unique take on Niseko no matter what the weather conditions.

“It’s always really cool to see the creativity and effort that participants put in and the totally different photos that each submits.”


Powderlife Aaron Jamieson Kris Lund
Jobert Oliveros Erika Feraren
Niseko Zen Nolan Yoshiaki Isozaki Saki Hayashi
Angus Draper Mitchell Burnside
K2 snowboarding Daisuke Watanabe Kentaraw Matsuda
Yamile Olivares Dora Krupic
Lachlan Free Luke Sandalls
Niseko Zen/Sea And Summit Media Josh Sellens Chad Clark
LADE Aaron Jamieson Tatsumi Kono
Rhythm Joshua Fawcett Chris Smith
KM4K Takashi Yoshimura Takafumi Kuroda
Tamaki Yamasawa Shingo Sasaki
Korua Toni Rodriguez Kevin Kunz
Island Snowboard Toni Rodriguez Stu Cady
Katsuya Yamamoto Masaki Kubota
Far East Snowsports Alister Buckingham Yusuke Inoue
GENTEMSTICK Rei Igarashi Katsuhide Fujio
Yusuke Mac Morinobu Tera
Oertli Jimi Wilcox Evan
Bianca Peralta Simon Pervez
Cheung Chun Ming, JM Chen Guan Ting. Frank
MnK Jack Woods James Robbins
Yuma Miyauchi Takafumi Kuroda
Iwanai Resort Duncan Wright Daigo Yoshino
Chris Smith Josh Fawcett
Holiday Niseko Masafumi Obuchi Ashley Nicholls
22Designs, Scarpa, Casa del Corregidor Diana Rivera Garcia Eiichi Matsuyama
Ryosuke Yamashita Eiichi Matsuyama
Vu Xuan Huong Kobayashi Nanase
Aleja Ben
FNTC / Miru Niseko Kenichi Takizawa Sato Takuya
Holiday Niseko Masafumi Obuchi Daisuke Fukuoka
Kenneth Lei Yuji Fujiyama
Alister Buckingham Gregor Musner
Niseko Photography / Burton Niseko Darren Teasdale Justin Graves
Darren Teasdale Alex Koen
Agustín Villalba Emma Smith
Yamile Olivares Sebastian Lorenzo
Yamile Olivares Brian Horecky

Check out the recap video from last year below!


ProAM Judges’ Choice Winners: ¥120,000

Our 2021-22 judge panel includes: Taro Tamai, Tsutomu Nakata, Yoichi Watanabe, Neil Hartmann, Torah Bright, Eric Pollard and Mattias Fredrikson. You can read all about the Judges on Niseko Shootout Instagram or Niseko Tourism Facebook

ProAM Public Vote Winners: ¥80,000

For the Public Vote we need you – the public! Public judging will take place over four days from January 15 to 18, 2022.

You can register your votes by go to the 2021-22 Niseko Shootout ProAM Voting Page, Live from January 15th, 2022 by 10:00. Voting ends at 23:59 on January 18th, 2022  – make sure you VOTE and help decide the winner!

Winners will be announced at an Award Ceremony on January 21, 2022.

More questions? Make sure to check out the detailed Q&A HERE or email [email protected]