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Thai Massage Class by Arigato Massage Niseko

Thai Massage Class by Arigato Massage Niseko

For those who are interested and want to learn Nan’s Thai massage for beginner, do not miss this rare opportunity. Available from March 28 till May 15.

What kinds of techniques?

1. This course will be a professional beginner course. The instructor will teaches about the important basic of Thai massage, for example, the knowledge both theory and practical parts.

Where has she got her massage skills?

2. The instructor graduated from Tharalai Massage School in Bangkok and had experience in massage for more than 7 years, including Thai
massage, Thai herbal ball massage with oil, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Facial massage, Bamboo therapy massage, Hot stone massage, Indian head massage, Body scrub, and Body wrap.

How many days for a course?
3. For a beginner class, it will take 7 days for 21 hours. Each day for 3 hours.

A brief history of Thai massage.

4. Over the course of many centuries, people living in the villages and temples of Thailand developed a unique type of interactive body-work
called Nuad Phaen Boran (“traditional style massage”) or Nuat Thai or (‘Thai Massage”). It is based on the principles if compassion and healing, and it is an amazing synthesis of many different techniques, among them acupressure, stretching, reflexology, herbal medicine, prayer, and meditation. Traditional Thai Massage tones the muscles, increases the joints range of motion and balances the flow of energy throughout the body. The lineage is traced to Jivaka Komalaboat, also known as Shivago, the personal physician to the Sangha, a friend and physician to the Buddha and renowned as a healer in Buddhist tradition. Based on a combination of influences from India, China and indigenous Thai traditions, Traditional Thai Medical arts have been handed down through generations, mostly through oral tradition and is practiced across Thailand in various forms today.

Why Thai massage is so effective and popular in the world?

5. Massages have always been intensely relaxing for the body and mind, and Thai massage is no different. By releasing stress from the muscles,
it brings your body to a much more relaxed state and ensures that you are able to leave behind the pressures of daily life and fall into a meditation-like trance during the session, and are entirely at peace after. Thai massage Melbourne sessions are not particularly long and can be slipped into your schedule as per your convenience.

5.1 Thai massage releases and directs energy through the body’s pathways, thus providing a boost to blood circulation and increasing the oxygen content in the blood. It also employs acupressure to reduce migraines and the like as well and there is plenty of anecdotal as well as experimental
evidence towards the same.

5.2 The martial art of Muay Thai has always been linked to traditional Thai massage and for good reason. Traditional Thai massage is a robust technique that involves a fair amount of intensive stretching to make limbs limber, relieve tension stuck deep in the muscle and allow the body to return to its natural state, so as to prepare the individual for athletic performance or otherwise.

If you are interested, please contact below;

Tel : 090 6588 1807

Arigato Massage Niseko

*Please note that you will required to take your temperature prior to the start of the course. This is due to the rising coronavirus issue and you may be denied the enroll.

*Enrolling with 2? There is a discount! The number of participants is to be minimized.

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